Accelerate Your Fire Mitigation Timeline

G&W Electric and SEL work closely with you to design fire mitigation strategies that can be rapidly implemented across your electrical infrastructure. Our flexible solutions meet your unique needs in eliminating wildfire risk to address safety concerns and satisfy regulatory mandates such as Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) requirements.

Put Public Safety First: Viper For Fire Mitigation

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Fire Mitigation for Distribution

Eliminate Sparking and Sources of Ignition

By installing new equipment, upgrading aging infrastructure or a combination of the two, we help you quickly minimize fire risk. Our strategies for system hardening center on flashover mitigation and include solutions such as transitioning overhead infrastructure to underground placement.

Respond to Fire Threats with Speed and Precision

We can improve your system protection against wildfires with strategies that take advantage of technological advancements including downed conductor detection, adaptive reclosing and fast fault clearing. As experts in system integration, we seamlessly integrate these solutions with existing distribution software.

Ready to Take a Deeper Dive?

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