Founded on Innovation, Defined By Service

In a small Chicago machine shop in 1905, two distribution utility engineers moved electrical power systems forward with their invention of the detachable porcelain pothead. From this beginning, Harry Gear and Paul Williams set their company on a course that continues today — providing customers with creative solutions and consistently excellent service. G&W Electric has grown into a global leader in electric power equipment, but we have never wavered in our commitment to giving customers the best service and solutions for their needs.

Company Milestones

1905 – 1920

G&W Electric was founded and introduced the first disconnecting porcelain pothead.

1920 – 1960

Introduced manual oil switches in 1922, automatic transfer switches in 1927 and introduced an oil fused cutout designed for protection of 5 kV underground systems. Our switching capabilities expand to encompass 15kV, 400A systems (RA style) and integral ground or tie positions.

1960 – 1980

Introduced a complete line of SF6 switchgear, including the first fully submersible electrical SF6 switchgear in 1974.

1990 – 2006

Our commitment to excellence in service through quality and reliability leads us to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications in 1993 and 2002, respectively.

2000 – 2009

We introduced a complete automation system integrator with pre-engineered solutions known as our LaZer Automation System. Introduced our Viper®, the first dead-front, solid-dielectric automated overhead switch and Trident Switchgear.

2012 – 2018

In 2012 we introduced Trident® w/SafeVu™, the first switch with visible break feature and solid-dielectric insulation.

In 2018, our CLiP-LV® received Standard(s) for Safety: UL 3801, Outline of Investigation for Fault Limiters.

2019 - 2021

In July 2019, G&W Electric acquired G&W Altea S.r.l. (formerly Altea Solutions), a voltage and current sensor manufacturer and in September 2019, acquired G&W S.r.l. (formerly Tozzi Electrical Equipment), a manufacturer of reliable, quality electrical equipment (Ring Main Units and Metal Clad switchgear), electrical panels and prefabricated mobile cabins for low and medium voltage.

These acquisitions support G&W Electric’s continued expansion in markets outside North America and significantly enhances our power grid solutions portfolio that meet IEC standards.

2022 - Future

In August 2022, G&W Electric acquired Veneta Isolatori SPA. Our customers’ and the market’s needs are rapidly evolving as the electric grid continues to become more complex. To meet market and customer needs, we recognized the need to strengthen and invest in key competencies that will allow us to speed up development and go to market quicker with new products and solutions. This realization has led to the acquisition of Veneta Isolatori SPA.

Moving The Power Grid Forward

We are committed to furthering our legacy of innovation and service to our customers. By investing heavily in research and development and leveraging our experience installing thousands of intelligent electrical devices (IEDs) worldwide, we are moving power solutions into the future by advancing smart grid technology through products and capabilities for key applications.