When a severe snowstorm completely shut down our operations, G&W Electric recognized the benefits of installing a microgrid to deliver uninterrupted premium power to support our critical operations as well as our customers.

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Microgrid Benefits

Compared with the traditional grid, the microgrid offers a host of benefits for businesses and communities. It not only keeps the lights on when the central grid is unavailable, it reduces carbon footprints, provides an alternate generation source, protects communities, and creates potential cost savings.

Economic Benefits

  • Monthly incentives for Frequency Regulation
  • State tax credits for renewable power
  • Utility incentives for solar panel installation
  • Net Metering – selling solar power on the grid
  • Improved uptime to maximize productivity

Environmental Benefits

  • Cleaner renewable energy
  • All components can be recycled
  • Flow batteries last longer and contain no toxic materials
  • Potential to become carbon-neutral

Safety Benefits

  • Flow Battery uses vanadium – a 100% recyclable nonflammable material
  • Materials more readily abundant than lithium ion
  • Superior protection, including a rapid shut down component
  • Protects critical operations across industries

Community Benefits

  • Keeps critical operations running during outages
  • Allows money-saving, off-grid business operations
  • Helps upgrade the distribution grid and harden infrastructure
  • Allows businesses to reduce their carbon footprint
Explore our interactive microgrid

Investing in the Future

As one of the largest investments in G&W Electric’s history, the microgrid reflects our commitment to lead the industry by providing innovative solutions for the future of power – bringing us one step closer to reaching our carbon-neutral operational goals.

Explore our interactive microgrid

Engineered to Order. Built to Last.

Our microgrid is the culmination of G&W Electric’s industry-leading expertise in designing safe, dependable and sustainable power solutions that stand the test of time.

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Explore our interactive microgrid

Explore the Future of Power

Explore our interactive microgrid to learn more about the components.


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