CLiP® Current Limiting Protectors

G&W Electric’s Current Limiting Protectors (CLiP) offer the advantages of current limitation for 2.8 through 38 kV systems with continuous current ratings up to 5000 A. Compact, totally sealed construction permits the CLiP to be installed both indoors and out, either pole or structure mounted or within an enclosure. The CLiP’s unique ability to provide high continuous current ratings with current limitation and ultra-high speed of operation in one package make it an economical solution for a variety of overcurrent protection needs.

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Features and Benefits

Electrical Ratings Chart for CLiP
Max. Voltage2.8 - 38kV
BIL Impulseup to 200kV
Continuous Currentup to 5000A
Interrupting Ratingup to 120kA sym.
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