The Applicant Experience

Check Application Status Regularly. Timing varies.

Timing varies, but we try our best to review every applicant within 2 weeks. You will receive a communication from a recruiter to inform you of your status whether you’re selected to move forward or not.

We pride ourselves in creating an engaging, informative and efficient candidate experience.

Here’s what to expect:

  1. Complete an application online.
  2. Connect with a recruiter.
  3. Complete behavior-based interviews, in person, by phone, or over video.
  4. Receive a conditional offer letter.
  5. Complete the drug screen, background check, and E-Verify process; depending on the position, you may also need a pre-hire physical.

Welcome to the G&W Electric family!

Interview Tips

Do your research

Research the company and industry prior to interview.

Dress for success

No matter the job you’re interviewing for you should dress to impress.

Come with meaningful questions

Having questions prepared for the interview team, shows that you’re being thoughtful about the role, company, and how that aligns with your career interests.

Bring a copy of your resume

Bringing a copy of your resume is a nice way to ensure the interviewer has…. the first impression.

Body Language is important

A firm handshake and eye contact goes a long way. Also, your posture sends non-verbal signals.

Be specific in your answers

Answer the questions that are asked thoroughly but be concise. You’ll want to avoid drifting off topic.

Be Yourself

We’re not just assessing your skills and knowledge, we’re assessing how you will fit into our team. It’s ok to show a little personality.

Follow Up

Following up with the Recruiter or interview team is a nice way to reaffirm your level of interest in the role.

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