Switchgear for Greater Safety and Performance

Our distribution switchgear is engineered to industry standards, meeting the needs of your application while ensuring operator safety. With our comprehensive line, we can provide switchgear for any padmount or vault application with ratings for primary substation and secondary distribution.

Switchgear and Cabinet Types

Explore our switchgear and cabinet solutions by type to find those best suited to your needs.

Trident® Solid Dielectric Switchgear

Our solid dielectric load break switchgear are designed to IEEE standards to provide maintenance-free enhanced switching capability, safe sequencing and operation. Solid dielectric insulation makes the switchgear suitable for the most challenging environments.

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Gas Insulated Switchgear

Our line of gas insulated switchgear is available with load break and/or fault interrupters and is designed and tested to IEEE standards. It’s ideal for harsh environments where submersibility is required for operation on distribution systems rated up to 38kV, 900A continuous current and 40kA asymmetrical momentary current. Our best-in-class puffer switchgear are ideal for mission critical applications.

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Junction Bars and Sectionalizing Cabinets

Our junction bars provide a compact, flexible solution for loop, tap, grounding, testing or sectionalizing applications up to 35kV, 900A continuous current and are designed and tested to IEEE standards. Multiple point junctions can be provided in a sectionalizing cabinet for padmount applications or with wall mounting provisions for installation in an electrical room or vault.

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