Distribution Reclosers and Overhead Switches for Strong Performance in Any Environment

Our distribution reclosers and overhead switches are rated up to 38kV for a variety of applications. Their flexible designs include options for local and remote operation, as well as integration with distribution automation and automatic transfer control solutions.

Reclosers and Overhead Switch Types

Explore our distribution reclosers and overhead switch solutions by type to find those best suited to your needs.

Independent Pole-Operated Reclosers

Our solid dielectric independent pole-operated recloser offers reliable, maintenance-free performance for overcurrent protection with flexibility to isolate single or two faulted phases on three phase circuits, further improving grid reliability.

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Three Phase Reclosers

Our mechanically ganged three phase recloser combines electronically controlled vacuum fault interrupters with the maintenance benefits of a solid dielectric insulated device.

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Single Phase Reclosers

Our solid dielectric, single phase recloser combines the time-proven reliability of electronically controlled, vacuum fault interrupters with the maintenance-free benefits of a solid dielectric insulated device.

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Loadbreak Switches

Our loadbreak switches include Diamondback solid dielectric switch designed to provide enhanced switching capability and safe operation.

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