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G&W Electric offers the latest technology backed by 115 years of experience, training, and support. We help you make the change as easy as possible, with full onboarding support and comprehensive on-site training. Viper-ST offers updated features in a familiar, easy-to-use configuration with pre-programmed relay buttons.

Reliable Performance & Power Grid Automation Ready

Viper-ST reclosers utilize G&W Electric’s time-proven epoxy polymer system to fully encapsulate the vacuum interrupters. This system provides excellent insulation properties while providing fully shielded, void-free construction. 

The Viper-ST is automation-ready, simplifying conversion for any future automation requirement.

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Customer Success Stories

Many customers have recognized the exceptional protection and communications capabilities in upgrading their equipment. 

  • G&W Electric worked with a utility in the Northeast region to help them switch while using a similar interface in the controls they were using before. The work included customization, extra hardware, and development work to meet customer-specific requirements. 
  • Comparably, we did a similar emulation for another utility in the Midwest, but without the extra hardware, and included automation logic for a non-communicating FLISR scheme with recloser, sectionalizing, and/or tie automation profiles.
  • A few coops in the Midwest have reached out to us to do a more basic conversion. To meet their needs, we took the existing Form 6 protection and reclosing settings and migrated them into the SEL-651R 32-pin template. 

We have focused on helping electric cooperatives and municipalities overcome obstacles related to service reliability and outdated equipment limitations. Customers have chosen Viper-ST for the field-proven solutions and the close work with their specific requirements.

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Testing, Support, and Training

G&W Electric provides Factory Acceptance Testing, Site Acceptance Testing, Commissioning Support, and Training for all our solutions, including recloser and recloser controls.

Aside from providing full turn-key automation solutions, we have expertise in converting settings and user interfaces from one control vendor to another with the goal to make transitions easier for both engineers and operators.  G&W Electric is a strong partner of SEL and GE and complements their offering for any upcoming transition from legacy controls to SEL or GE products paired with G&W Electric products.

When it comes to switching from legacy Cooper controls to SEL or GE controls, G&W Electric can provide the following options for you to consider incorporating, ranging from simple to complex:

  1. Form 6 settings conversion/migration.  Use G&W Electric’s SEL-651R2 or GE 850R/R650 template and migrate Form 6 settings. Includes protection and reclosing only.
  2. Form 6 loop scheme emulation. A higher degree of customization. Includes loop scheme recloser, sectionalizing, and/or tie automation.
  3. Form 6 loop scheme emulation in one program. The highest degree of customization. Includes extra hardware and customized development work to meet customer-specific requirements.

G&W Electric can help bridge the gap between your current installations and the technologies you are evaluating for the future by providing support and training.

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