Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

For every LaZer project we utilize our dedicated 3,600 sq.ft. FAT area to perform in-house testing which includes all parts of your solution such as switches, communication equipment, programming, and software. During the FAT we use relay test sets and inject current and voltages to verify that the solution meets your expectations and specifications using an agreed upon test plan. We invite all project stakeholders to join the FAT to not only witness testing but also gain valuable hands-on experience with your new system. Testing in a controlled environment prior to shipment minimizes valuable downtime during commissioning on site.

Factory Acceptance Testing Prior to Shipment

Benefit: Minimize Downtime During Commissioning

Up to 5 Years Parts and Performance Warranty on Entire System

Benefit: Full Support During Critical First Years after Installation

Training for All Key Parties

Benefit: Gain knowledge and internal support for your automation solution.


Benefit: Project specific material that details system components and functionality if questions arise in the future.