Elevate Your Grid Management

Integrating new distributed energy resources (DERs) into your existing electrical infrastructure is vital as you upgrade your power grid to meet future demand. However, the addition of DERs, such as solar and wind power, as well as their associated power electronics, can hurt the stability of your grid. Our Accusense® voltage sensors and Viper® reclosers empower you to effectively manage your evolving grid with accurate signal measurement and physical control.

Identify Critical Power Quality Issues

DERs require the use of inverters to convert DC to AC power, which creates grid noise. As you add more inverters to your system, the noise increases and can ultimately cause issues such as brownouts and damaged equipment. Voltage transformers and smart meters are unable to adequately measure the key elements that help you gauge the risk of DER-induced power quality issues. Our Accusense® voltage sensor can reliably track these elements, including voltage level, AC signal and phase angle, to help you make informed decisions regarding grid corrections.

Get Ahead of Safety Regulations

IEEE standard 1547-2018 covers requirements for the interconnection and interoperability of DERs with electric power systems, including the impact DERs can have on a grid’s power quality and existing equipment. To adhere to this exacting standard, you need highly accurate measurement tools that grant deep insight into the performance of your grid. We help you meet IEEE 1547-2018 with a solution that significantly improves your grid resiliency and reliability by combining our Accusense® voltage sensors, Viper reclosers and an intertie protection control.

Ready to Take a Deeper Dive?

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