ATA/ATL-SF GIS Termination

For self-contained and pipe type cable systems, G&W Electric GIS terminations are designed in accordance with IEEE 1300 Standards for application in gas insulated substations rated 138 through 345kV. Termination designs are available for application on single conductor, low pressure self-contained or high pressure pipe type fluid filled cables.

ATA terminations feature the security of high strength, external porcelain insulation and the proven reliability of perforated paper roll stress control. High pressure fluid style ATA-SF terminations utilize a gasketed stainless steel or aluminum body supplied with a stainless steel or copper pipe stub for field welding or brazing to a riser pipe.

ATL-A-SF is for self-contained cable systems per IEC 60859 Standards. Terminations and termination enclosures for high voltage gas insulated switchgear (GIS) are required in IEC 60859 standards to meet specified dimension requirements in order to be interchangeable. To accommodate this requirement, G&W Electric has modified its line of time proven ATL style terminations to meet the dimensional requirements specified in IEC 60859 standards.

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High Pressure Fluid Filled Cables - ATA/ATL-SF
Operating VoltageBIL Max Conductor SizeCatalog Number
Catalog number modifiers based on operating pressure rating
200psiNo modifier, example ATA119N
300psiCatalog Number-HS, example ATA119N-HS
400 psiCatalog Number-EHS, example ATA119N-EHS
Low/Med Press Fluid Filled Cables
Operating VoltageBILMax Conductor SizeCatalog NumberStandard
Catalog number modifiers based on operating pressure rating
15psiNo modifier, example ATL119N-SF
40psiCatalog Number-HS, example ATL119N-SF-HS
100 psiCatalog Number-EHS, example ATL119N-SF-EHS

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