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Cable accessories

Python Extruded Dielectric Cables

The Python® series of transmission cable accessories are available for solid dielectric cable systems. Outdoor and equipment terminations and joints are available from 72.5kV to 362kV IEC (69kV to 345kV IEEE). Transition cable joints are available through 138kV.

PAT130C Dry Type Outdoor Termination Python® Outdoor PAT Style Termination Python® PATR Style GIS & Transformer Terminations Python® Premolded Joints SSC Style Dry GIS and Transformer Termination TJNT140 Transition Joints
Distribution Joint

Self-Contained Pipe Type

G&W Electric offers a variety of transmission cable accessories for low- and high-pressure, fluid and gas filled, self-contained, and pipe type cable systems. Cable terminations and joints are available through 345kV.

ATA/ATL Outdoor Terminations ATA/ATL-SF GIS Termination ATL-A-SF GIS Termination LPP Joints

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