Trident®-SR series offers extremely fast operation speeds of just 3.5 cycles for both load and fault interrupting options. Its flexible design can be configured to provide a wide range of solutions for any application, from basic remote operation, to distribution automation, or Smart Grid schemes including Automatic Transfer in under 10 cycles. Trident®-SR switches offer multiple application functionality within a same compact switch footprint.

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Ratings for Trident® Automated Switchgear
Voltage Class (kV)152535
Max. System Voltage (kV)15.527‡38
BIL (kV) 110Δ 125 150110Δ125150
Continuous Current (A)630§630§630§
Load Break Current (A)630§630§630§
AC Withstand, 1 min. (kV)356070
AC Withstand, Productions, 1 min. (kV) 344050
DC Withstand, 15 min.5378103
Momentary Current, RMS, asym (kA) 202020
Fault Close 3 times, asym (kA) 202020
1 second Current, sym (kA) 12.512.512.5
Fault Interrupting Current, sym (kA)12.512.512.5
Vacuum Interrupter Mechanical Operations10,00010,00010,000
Δ BIL impulse rating is 95kV when using the SafeVu feature
‡ Up to 29.3kV Max. System Voltage available
§ Up to 900A available on In/Out without SafeVu, Up to 800A available on multiway Trident without SafeVu
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