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Cable accessories

Distribution Cable Terminations

G&W Electric offers a wide variety of distribution cable terminations, available up to 35kV, with high grade, wet process porcelain insulators for superior electrical performance, tracking resistance and mechanical strength and accept any construction of solid dielectric, paper insulated or armored cable.

PAT Style Terminations Capnut Terminations Sodertite Terminations Pre-Molded (PM) Series Cold Shrink Accessories
TJNT35 cable accessories

Distributions Splices & Joints

G&W Electric offers a variety of distribution cable splices and cable joints for a wide variety of cable types up to 35kV. The product line extends from simple tape splice kits to innovative epoxy molded designs providing elbow interfaces for quick disconnect and reconnect of the cable sections. Cable joints can be installed within underground vaults or direct buried.

PILC Splice Kits Cable Transition Modules (CTM) TJNT33-3

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