G&W Electric Receives First Product Certification from KEMA Labs

G&W Electric Co. recently became the first recipient of a new Product Certificate presented by the high-voltage test facility, KEMA Laboratory in the Netherlands.

“Product Certification is the next step for ensuring high quality grade T&D components on the international market,” said the October issue of KEMA’s High Light newsletter.

The new Product Certificate includes passing the conventional Type Test, which verifies the design parameters and ratings of the product to international standards but further adds the following:

  • Sampling – which requires the manufacturer to supply more than one product sample permitting lab personnel to randomly select which sample to put through test.
  • Quality system – which requires the manufacturer to be ISO 9001 certified for their quality systems.
  • Code of conduct – which further requires the manufacturer to have a mission statement and companywide policies to guide the operations of the company towards product quality and customer satisfaction.

The Product Certificate was presented to G&W’s for its latest extension to their Viper recloser product line, the Viper-LT.

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