G&W Electric Highlights Mitigation Solution for Arc Flash White Paper

Bolingbrook, Illinois, July 25, 2019 – G&W Electric Co., a global supplier of electric power equipment since 1905, announced today the availability of a white paper titled ‘Are You Prepared? How Current Limiting Devices for Low Voltage Applications Can Help Save Lives for your Organization’.

Focus on Low-Voltage Applications
The white paper specifically focuses on the benefits of using current limiting devices in low-voltage settings as compared to conventional devices such as circuit breakers, current-limiting fuses or expulsion fuses.

“Current limiting devices are typically used in various medium and low voltage applications, but arc flash events, particularly in low voltage applications can be catastrophic,” said Manoj Bundhoo, product manager – specialty products, G&W Electric. “Utilizing a current-limiting device, like our CLiP®-LV product, provides operators a cost-effective and UL certified solution that will serve as another key element in their arc flash mitigation strategy.”

The white paper provides key considerations that operators and safety personnel should consider when specifying a current limiting device for their facility. It also details the well-documented dangers and unfortunate outcomes associated with arc flash events and provides facility operators and safety personnel with the published OSHA standards and the National Fire Protection Association’s guidelines on mitigating against an arc flash event.

“When it comes to electrical workplace safety, current limitation protection is the last line of defense in protecting workers from life-changing and sometimes fatal injuries,” added Bundhoo. “G&W’s CLiP-LV dramatically reduces the magnitude of the peak let-through current, thus protecting both workers and higher-rated equipment from costly failure.”

To download the white paper and learn more about G&W Electric’s CLiP-LV® product and it benefits visit https://solutions.gwelec.com/cliplv/.

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