G&W Electric earns first ever UL Listing for their CLiP-LV®

Bolingbrook, Illinois, July 18, 2018G&W Electric’s CLiP-LV (Current Limiting Protector for Low Voltage)has successfully completed all of its testing to receive an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listing. With the process starting back in 2015, the design, quality, and operation of the CLiP-LV has been certified by this globally recognized agency.

This third-party certification allows G&W to offer their industrial customers a lower cost alternative to replacing aging equipment which helps prevent currents from exceeding equipment ratings and avoiding a catastrophic failure. It also dramatically reduces peak fault currents to minimize damage to protect personnel and arc flash hazards.

The CLiP-LV is not only the first UL listed product for G&W, but it is also the first product listed as a “fault limiter.” Since there are no other devices on the market, G&W’s CLiP-LV is the basis for the standard of this certification. CLiP-LV’s unique ability to provide high continuous current ratings with current limitation and ultra-high speed of operation in one package make it an economical solution for a variety of overcurrent protection needs most commonly found in hospitals, refineries and generation facilities.

“Without the UL listing it would be difficult to sell the CLiP-LV outside of very specialized applications,” said John Mueller, Chairman and Owner of G&W Electric. “The third-party endorsement of UL gives our customers an added layer of certainty that our CLiP-LV product has been tested and is safe to use in their configurations. It’s also a historical milestone for G&W with this being our very first product to receive a UL listing.”

UL works to help customers, purchasers and policymakers navigate market risk and complexity. They help build trust in the safety, security and sustainability of products, organizations, and supply chains – enabling smarter choices and better lives. This listing provides an unbiased safety and quality assurance that the product is fully compliant with a set of rules governing the product type.

For more information on G&W Electric’s CLiP-LV, please visit www.gwelec.com.

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