G&W Electric Announces New 38kV Accusense™ Voltage Sensor

Bolingbrook, Illinois, April 17, 2018 – G&W Electric announced the availability of a new 38kV version of their Accusense™Voltage Sensor at the IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition in Denver, CO. Similar to the 15kV and 27kV version of Accusense, this higher rated voltage sensor is extremely versatile and provides 0.5% metering class voltage sensing accuracy.

As compared to heavy and bulky voltage transformers, the 38KV sensor is lightweight, easy to install and can be used as a stand-alone voltage metering system or paired with G&W’s industry leading, Viper® Reclosers. Combining the Accusense Voltage Sensor and Viper recloser allows end users to improve power quality, increase reliability, and run an efficient power delivery grid to reduce losses across their power lines.

“There are several voltage sensor solutions in the market, however, very few come bundled as a complete solution like Accusense and our Viper recloser,” said John Mueller, Chairman and Owner of G&W Electric. “The grid of the future is demanding devices that can provide more reliable, accurate data and G&W is doing its part by continually improving upon its line of highly engineered and customized solutions to make that grid a reality.”

The Accusense sensor can also be paired with other advanced monitoring and control systems on the market. With real time data, the high accuracy of Accusense voltage sensing enables customers to have more effective Volt/VAR optimization (VVO) and conservation voltage reduction (CVR) programs, providing the data needed to make critical decisions and adjustments to the system. The 38kV sensor has a 225 kV Basic Impulse Level (BIL) and a phase measurement better than ±0.2º.

For more information on the 38kV Accusense™ Voltage Sensor, visit www.gwelec.com.

About G&W Electric

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