G&W Electric Announces International Availability of Viper-S Integration with GE’s Multilin R650

Bolingbrook, Illinois, February 5, 2019 – G&W Electric, a global supplier of electric power equipment since 1905, today announced their Viper®-S recloser solution integrated with GE’s Multilin® R650 advanced recloser control for distribution networks is now available. G&W first revealed the integrated GE control last April as  a solution for comprehensive performance in protection, monitoring, control, automatic network configuration and communications with their Viper-ST recloser and now have expanded the offering to meet international market needs. This leading recloser package utilizes G&W’s LaZer® solution to enhance Distribution Automation projects.

“Our strategic partnership with GE on this product has enabled us to expand the map and offer this unique integrated solution outside of the US, meeting the global market demand for grid and network reliability,” said John Mueller, Chairman and Owner of G&W Electric. “This combined solution allows for more benefits with increased reliability and quality, easier installation, and customization to enhance monitoring.”

The Viper-S recloser allows for automation-ready flexibility and mechanically ganged, three-phase tripping while the GE Multilin R650 relay provides reclosing capabilities and seamless connection to automation software. The addition of the LaZer automation software enables customers to customize systems and capture real-time information critical to grid operations.

Along with improved SAIDI, this integrated solution offers comprehensive protection with continuous monitoring and event reporting. With customizable, key automation capabilities already in place, G&W’s LaZer Distribution Automation solution significantly lowers customers’ Total Life Cycle cost. To further enhance reliability performance, fault location, isolation and service restoration, or FLISR can be enabled at any time.

A variety of options are available for the integrated Viper-S recloser and R650 control solution including accessories, customized pole-mount and substation frames, wildlife protectors, lightning arrestors and more.

For more information on this new integrated solution and LaZer Distribution Automation, visit gwelec.com.

For more information on GE’s R650 Recloser Controller platform, visit, http://www.gegridsolutions.com/multilin/catalog/r650.htm

Multilin is a registered trademark of the General Electric Company.

Viper and LaZer are registered trademarks of G&W Electric.

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