Future-Proof Your Power Grid

Successfully transitioning your system to meet the demands of the next generation grid takes more than upgrading your equipment. You need scalable solutions that can meet the growing demand for an automated power grid. As a true system integrator, we listen closely to your needs and provide you with options that can include design, hardware, programming, Factory Acceptance Testing, delivery, on-site commissioning and comprehensive training. With our LaZer Automation solutions, you can overcome today’s challenges while preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

We remain flexible when working with you to ensure the solution we engineer meets your exact requirements. We also empower you to scale on your own timeline by providing everything you need to implement our solution, including existing equipment and automation elements touching several areas of operation.

Transition from Manual to Automated Operation

Relying on manually operated equipment deprives you of automation benefits, such as remote monitoring and control. Our solutions, combined with comprehensive training, transitions your field personnel into knowledgeable users of the new hardware and software to help you rapidly adopt automated processes.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Companies now have access to publications covering SAIDI, SAIFI and CAIDI performance, allowing them to compare the reliability of power providers. Our integrated solutions help you appeal to potential customers by improving the reliability of your power grid and adding the advanced functionality they seek, including greater distribution, two-way power flow and rapid power rerouting in the event of failure.

Stay Ahead of Regulation

Electrical power standards are evolving rapidly and touch on everything from SF6 gas reduction to vault water pollution to ISO 14001 certified suppliers. Meeting current regulations helps you protect funding and avoid penalties. But to effectively upgrade your power grid, you must also anticipate tomorrow’s standards. We invest heavily in R&D to engineer products and technologies that help you future-proof your automated power grid distribution system with safer, more reliable and more environmentally friendly designs.

Trust Our Fully Tested Solutions

Our Factory Acceptance Testing covers all software and hardware components of our integrated automation solutions and includes complete solution assembly, programming and evaluation. For your peace of mind, we also provide a three- to five-year parts and performance warranty with every project.

Ready to Take a Deeper Dive?

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