High-Speed Current Interruption

Nearly 30,000 arc flash incidents happen each year — but you can keep your workers and equipment safe from arc flashes and system damage with CLiP® and CliP®-LV. Both devices provide the combined benefits of circuit breakers and Overcurrent Protective Devices (OCPDs) to deliver reliable multi-hazard electrical protection. Their simple operation and flexible placement make installation and maintenance easy, and they each work seamlessly with your existing power distribution equipment.

Prevent Catastrophic Damage and Injury

The destructive power of arc flashes increases exponentially from the instant they are created. Traditional circuit breakers can take up to five or more cycles to halt the fault currents that trigger arc flashes. CLiP® and CLiP®-LV can detect and eliminate faults in less than half of one cycle. This improvement in response time dramatically reduces the exposure of your personnel and equipment to the dangerous heat and explosive force produced by longer-lasting arc flashes.

Safeguard Mission-Critical Operations

CLiP® and CLiP®-LV help prevent system damage to lower-rated electrical equipment by allowing you to precisely control the amount of current moving through your system. This protection saves you from sudden stoppages due to equipment failure. It also eliminates the need to upgrade to higher-rated equipment when you add new power sources to your system. You can also connect CLiP® and CLiP®-LV to your network for remote enabling and disabling.

Ready to Take a Deeper Dive?

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