Shorten Power Restoration Times with Automation

Date: May 25

As the world’s aging infrastructure — and its aging workforce — strive to keep pace with increased demand for reliable and affordable energy, today’s energy providers are facing more pressure than ever to implement effective Power Grid automation.  Join us to learn more about how power grid automation can improve your bottom line while keeping your personnel safe and your customers happy.  This webinar will provide an introduction to automation and present application examples to consider as possibilities for your system.   


  • Automation can shorten power restoration times from hours to minutes or seconds. 
  • There are many ways to automate. 
    • Start small and grow 
    • Add on to the systems you have 
  • Take a look around and see what peers are doing and what vendors can provide to automate your system based on how you want to automate. 

Time: May 25, 2021 1:00 pm CDT (1 hour)

Speaker: Erik Brandstaedter, Business Development Manager of the Power Grid Automation team at G&W Electric

Recommended for: Investor Owned Utilities, Public Power, University Campuses, Data Centers, Military Bases, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Resorts

CEU/PDH credits provided

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