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Powerside and G&W Electric sign a Memorandum of Understanding to Offer Power Quality Technologies that Enable Transformation of the Power Grid

The rapidly changing power grid requires both accurate sensing AND extensive power quality monitoring

May 24, 2022, Alameda, California:

Powerside and G&W Electric, two manufacturing leaders of grid technology solutions, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to provide innovative power quality system solutions for greater visibility into the rapidly changing power grid.

Powerside and G&W Electric are collaborating on complex projects to help utility customers advance grid stability and performance. The companies most recently developed a monitoring solution for a distribution system heavy in distributed energy resources (DERs), including utility-scale battery energy storage, solar, and wind generation. The solution combines G&W Electric metering class current-voltage sensors (CVS) with a PQube® 3 power analyzer and microPMU system from Powerside. This system enables the utility to monitor the impact that DERs have on their grid with dynamic power quality measurement and real-time synchrophasor data at multiple locations in the grid.

The two strategic partners also intend to integrate Powerside power quality monitors within G&W Electric switchgear. This product pairing will create a versatile, dual-purpose solution for switching and power quality applications into one package.

Synergies exist among the companies’ extensive product offerings. G&W Electric offers a robust suite of sensing equipment and overhead and underground switchgear. G&W Electric’s sensors are metering class capacitive voltage dividers and Rogowski coil current sensors with a wide dynamic range and high- frequency measurement. Powerside’s flagship product is the PQube 3 power quality analyzer, a small yet rugged power quality monitor with triggered event reporting, conducted emissions measurement (2- 150kHz), and remote monitoring and recording capabilities. Powerside’s microPMU synchrophasor enables real-time, precise phasor measurements designed for DER-impacted distribution grids.

“This agreement between Powerside and G&W Electric is a great opportunity to rapidly provide complete grid technology solutions to customers. In this era of a rapidly changing grid, customers need accurate sensing and power quality monitoring for their projects, and they need them now. We are excited to promote the extremely accurate and innovative G&W Electric sensors to our customers. We look forward to crafting packaged solutions using our Powerside PQube3 and microPMU products with G&W Electric’s sensors and switchgear,” says Spiros Georgiadis, Powerside Vice President of Global Sales.

John Gounaris, G&W Electric Vice President of Marketing states, “G&W Electric and Powerside are natural partners in providing a best-in-class solution for utility customers needing more visibility and control over their distribution grids. More and more distributed generation is added every day, and utilities will need solutions to monitor the impacts these resources will have and quickly react to any issues.”

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About Powerside:

Powerside has a 75-year legacy in power quality. To date, the company has deployed over 50,000 monitoring solutions and over 5,000 power corrections projects in over 50 countries. Its expert team utilizes a customer-centric approach and a suite of tailored measurement, intelligence, and correction solutions, to help customers quickly identify and meet power quality challenges head-on. For more information, visit www.powerside.com.

About G&W Electric:

Since 1905, G&W Electric has been a leading provider of innovative power grid solutions, including the latest in load and fault interrupting switches, reclosers, system protection equipment, power grid automation, and transmission and distribution cable terminations, joints, and other cable accessories. G&W Electric is headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois, U.S.A., with manufacturing facilities and sales support in more than 100 countries, including Italy, China, Mexico, Canada, UAE, India, Singapore, and Brazil. We help our customers meet their challenges and gain a competitive edge through a suite of advanced products and technical services. For more information on G&W Electric visit www.gwelectric.com.

Follow G&W Electric on Twitter @GW_Electric and LinkedIn at G&W Electric Co.

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