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Half of a roof filled with solar panels and boxes

What Sets The G&W Electric Microgrid Apart?

After more than 115 years of industry innovation, G&W Electric entered a new era this year, kicking off construction on what will become one of the largest rooftop solar photovoltaic systems in North America. Starting in 2021, the G&W Electric rooftop solar installation will cover over 370,000 sq. ft. (equivalent to around 7.7 football fields) at our flagship world headquarters in Bolingbrook, IL. This development will be the largest bifacial rooftop solar project in Bolingbrook history, and it marks a large step toward efficiency and sustainability goals for the company.

For decades, solar energy has become an increasingly reliable, cost-effective source of energy for the future. Producing one’s own energy is the best method to provide premium uninterrupted power for critical operations to help avoid unnecessary downtime, rework, and scrap.

G&W Electric recognizes that microgrids benefit more and more of our customers every day, and we are confident our microgrid will deliver us uninterrupted premium power to support our critical operations as well as our customers.

Ultimately, G&W Electric will offer a customized turnkey microgrid solution to all clients that want to produce their own reliable source of power. Curious what sets the solar install of the G&W Electric microgrid apart from the rest? Read on to learn more.

Cutting Edge Tech

The G&W Electric solar installation at Crossroads Parkway, Bolingbrook, Illinois will be using the latest cutting-edge technology in bifacial solar panels, which will generate energy from both sides of the panels. G&W Electric will install nearly 6,000 solar panels over a white TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin – single-ply roofing membrane) roof utilizing a special racking that will boost performance and profitability beyond that of standard solar installations.

Installing the first solar panels at G&W Electric headquarters

High-Quality Products

Instead of installing a large quantity of low-cost solar panels, our team chose to install fewer, higher quality, and better performing bifacial solar panels, in order to increase Return on Investment (ROI). The high-tilt design, utilizing an open rail-based, ultra-solid full aluminum rack, over a white roof without any obstructions under the back of the panels will generate 18-20% more energy than a standard monofacial solar panel design would in the same location, not utilizing the reflection on the white TPO membrane and a high module tilt angle.

Innovative Design

Leveraging bifacial solar panel technology to its peak efficiency, our team of experts has determined that installing the solar panels at a special elevation from the roof –spaced farther away from other rows of panels—will prevent shading and at a higher tilt than usual for the solar industry. This optimizes direct sunlight and reflection from the brand new, highly reflective white roof membrane, reaching the solar panels from both sides, and increasing the output significantly.

Direct light bounces on the roof, and passes under the panels, while diffused light is received directly from the back.

An Eye Toward the Future

The future is bright for microgrid technology, and G&W Electric will be your guide, with firsthand experience, to help pave the way toward clean innovation.

G&W Electric at 305 Crossroads Parkway, Bolingbrook, Illinois rooftop

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