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A large factory building with a white roof

Roofing Project Provides a Strong Foundation for G&W Electric’s Microgrid

This fall, the Bolingbrook, Illinois headquarters of G&W Electric has been bustling with activity, even more than usual. This is due in part to the recently announced microgrid project, which is turning the roof of the Bolingbrook facility into a power-generating solar farm.

Before that roof could be transformed, though, it needed some repairs and a strong, sustainable upgrade.

The endeavor has now been completed, in partnership with Tremco Inc and Malcor Roofing, and it has set up the ongoing project for success. The total thickness of the new roof membrane is approximately 200 mils and boasts a puncture resistance greater than that of a built-up roof with three times the tensile strength. The slick texture and white color of the membrane are also designed to reflect the most possible light back onto the solar panels, generating yet more power.

G&W Electric roof

G&W Electric roof of the main building at Bolingbrook, IL headquarters

Along with providing these essential improvements, this roof remodel also meets the company’s high sustainability standards; causing minimal environmental impact due to the use of truly sustainable roofing materials and the reuse, repurpose, and proper recycling of the previous roof membrane system.

With this stage of the project completed, G&W Electric is now moving forward, building its microgrid’s solar farm on the strongest and most efficient foundation possible.

Stay tuned for more updates on our microgrid project.

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