Provide No-Maintenance Overcurrent Protection

For decades, air insulated switchgear has been considered to be the most economical solution for use in padmount medium-voltage power distribution systems. Today, more network operators are moving to G&W Electric Trident® solid dielectric switchgear as a solution that overcomes many of the drawbacks of air insulated switchgear with an equivalent total cost of ownership. It can help you:

• Prevent premature switchgear failure
• Ensure safe operations and reduce arc flash
• Improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs
• Streamline operations with automation capabilities

Prevent Premature Switchgear Failure

Air insulated switchgear exposes the energized components to corrosion, unwanted animal intrusions, atmospheric conditions or contamination from dust and other factors that can lead to premature switchgear failure. G&W Electric solid dielectric switchgear features a stainless steel mechanism housing designed to ensure failure-free performance, even in environments with high humidity, salt fog or flooding.

Ensure Safe Operation and Reduce Arc Flash

The design of air insulated switchgear exposes operators to energized parts when doors are open and during switching or fuse replacement, which can significantly increase the risk of exposure to arc flash. G&W Electric solid dielectric technology offers a true visible break viewable at the safe approach distance required for arc flash safety. The fully deadfront design prevents operators from being exposed to arc flash due to foreign objects coming into contact with energized parts or misalignment during the closing of fuses into a live circuit.

Improve Reliability and Reduce Maintenance Costs

Air insulated switchgear manufacturers recommend visual inspections every five years. (Not only that, if barriers or switching mechanisms are misaligned and need adjustment, the entire switchgear must be completely de-energized and grounded.) All components in G&W Electric solid dielectric switchgear are encapsulated in epoxy molding that does not require maintenance, lubrication or adjustment. And resettable vacuum fault interrupters do not need to be replaced over the life of the switchgear, while providing five times the number of load break operations as compared with air insulated switchgear.

Streamline Operations with Automation Capabilities

Many time-saving automation options are not available on air insulated switchgear. G&W Electric solid dielectric switchgear was designed to be fully automation-ready, without the need to change out or modify existing switching mechanisms. These self-healing systems can have a significant impact on operating costs by limiting the need to deploy crews for manual switching and reconfiguration.

Provide Overcurrent Protection with Improved Reliability and Safety

G&W Electric Trident solid dielectric insulated switches provide the total lifecycle cost and operational benefits of fuseless, electronically controlled, resettable overcurrent protection, with the safety and maintenance benefits of an environmentally friendly dead-front design.

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