Viper®-SP Single Phase Recloser

G&W Electric’s Viper®-SP solid dielectric, single phase recloser combines the time-proven reliability of electronically controlled, vacuum fault interrupters with the maintenance-free benefits of a solid dielectric insulated device. The Viper®-SP is designed for automatic or manual operation providing overcurrent protection for single phase systems through 38kV maximum, 800A continuous current, and 12.5kA rms symmetrical interrupting. Vertical insulator “L” configurations and horizontal insulator “Z” configurations are available.

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Features and Benefits

Configuration Details

  • Polemount “L” Bracket
  • Polemount Horizontal Insulator Bracket
  • Polemount Complete Site-Ready Assembly
Electrical Ratings Chart for Viper®-SP
Maximum System Voltage, kV15.527**38
Voltage Class, kV152535
BIL, kV110125150
Continuous Current, A800A*800A*800
8 Hr. Overload, @ 20°C

60Hz  Withstand, kV rms
- - - One minute (dry)506070
- - - 10 second (wet)455060
Interrupting Rating, RMS, kA12.512.512.5
Making Current, RMS, asym, kA202020
Making Current, Peak, asym kA323232
Short Circuit Current, kA sym, 3 sec.12.512.512.5
Mechanical operations10,00010,00010,000
Temperature range-60°C to +65°C-60°C to +65°C-60°C to +65°C
* Consult factory for higher continuous current up to 1000A
** Can be applied on 29.3kV systems


For site-ready configurations, the Viper-SP can be provided with:

Lightning Arresters:

Lightning Arresters are not installed, they can come with their primary wires connected to the Viper-SP’s terminals and have their ground strap connected.

Control Power Transformer:

Either an oil control power transformer (CPT) or a solid dielectric potential transformer (PT) can be added to the frame of the Viper-SP. The primary connection can be made to the Viper-SP.  An AC cable can be provided so it’s either connectorized or hardwired on the control end.

Mounting flexibility:

An orientation bracket can be provided to allow the Viper-SP to be installed facing either away from the pole or with the horizontal insulator on the left or right side to better fit the pole construction.

Fully connectorized control cable:

As default, the Viper-SP comes with the main cable wired into the mechanism for interface with the control. This control cable is only connectorized on the control side. As an available option, the main cable can be connectorized at the recloser mechanism side as well.

Product Literature

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