Enhanced Zones of Overcurrent Protection for Faults

An industry first from the leader in recloser technology, G&W Electric’s new Viper®-HV high-voltage pole top recloser provides more overcurrent protection from temporary faults on sub-transmission lines that traditionally could only be provided by a substation. The Viper-HV is a self-contained system that provides three-in-one capabilities with reclosing technology, current transformers, and voltage sensors in a single space-saving design. A fully integrated solution, it provides utilities with state-of-the-art maintenance-free technology for improving system reliability and grid resiliency.

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Keep Operations Up and Running with High-Speed Sectionalization

The new Viper-HV prevents complete system shutdowns previously associated with traditional circuit breakers that are limited and only available in the substation. Through high speed isolation and sectionalizing functionality out on the sub-transmission lines, the utility can automatically isolate the section where the fault is located, not impacting the rest of the grid and ultimately simplifying service restoration.

Save Time and Reduce Costs

By providing remote voltage monitoring and control through a fully automated section for faster fault isolation, restoration, and reconfiguration, the Viper-HV helps eliminate costly interruptions and extended restoration delays caused by storms and other environmental factors, aging equipment, and time-consuming manual operations.

Reduce Maintenance and Improve Personnel Safety

The highly dependable performance of the Viper-HV eliminates the need for routine maintenance required by traditional air disconnect switches, keeping crews safe. The field-proven solid dielectric insulation incorporated into the Viper-HV enables dependable performance in the most challenging environments. The self-contained design means no moving parts are exposed to outdoor environments, so there is no need for service. And, because it is oil-free and SF6 gas-free, lifecycle maintenance and environmental concerns are essentially eliminated.

See How the Savings Add Up

Our ROI Calculator will demonstrate how eliminating the need for a substation and other components required for equivalent capability will help reduce your operational costs, complexity and potential fail points. See for yourself.


Explore the Viper-HV

Explore the biggest breakthrough in high voltage – see how the new Viper-HV utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide advanced, end-to-end overcurrent protection.

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