Future-Proof Your Power Grid

Successfully transitioning your existing infrastructure to a smart power system takes more than upgrading your equipment. You need scalable solutions that meet the growing demand for automated operation. As a true system integrator, we listen closely to your needs and provide you with complete solutions that include design, hardware, programming, Factory Acceptance Testing, delivery, on-site commissioning and comprehensive training. With our LaZer® Automation solutions, you can overcome today’s challenges while preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities.

We’re Here to Help You Find the Right Automation Solution

Integrating your power operations is crucial for building an effective automated system. We offer a wide array of thoroughly tested commercial and industrial integration solutions that can be configured to align with your power requirements.

Safeguard Your System

Manual controls and aging equipment leave your vital processes exposed to lengthy interruption from power failure. Our integrated automation solutions boost the performance of your system, providing instant response times and uninterrupted power across your operations.

Save Time and Consolidate Resources

Converting your manual operations to automated processes can save you significant time and labor costs and helps guard against slowdowns from staff turnover. Our comprehensive training ensures your personnel gain immediate familiarity with the hardware and software in our automation solutions.

Trust Our Fully Tested Solutions

Our Factory Acceptance Testing covers all software and hardware components of our integrated automation solutions and includes complete solution assembly, programming and evaluation. For your peace of mind, we also provide a three- to five-year parts and performance warranty with every project.