G&W Electric Apprentice Program

As a family-owned company for more than a hundred years, G&W Electric has built a culture focused on employee success. Much like its customized products, the company uses the same approach by cultivating talent internally. To encourage professional growth, G&W Electric offers a variety of development programs to help employees reach their career goals – from formalized technical and core competency training to internal apprenticeship programs. Launched in 2013, these apprenticeship programs have offered the greatest growth opportunities for employees with diverse backgrounds across the company.

To date, more than 30 employees have participated in the apprenticeship programs in positions such as maintenance, welding fabrications, electrical drafting, and electronic technicians. The programs range from six months to two years and can include up to 600-hundred hours of training, plus an on-the-job certification program. Along with keeping a reflection journal, apprentices meet as a group and with a program director periodically to receive feedback on their progress to ensure everyone succeeds.

Follow the employee success stories that illustrate G&W Electric’s apprentice programs’ positive impact on career growth.