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When customers flip on a light switch, they naturally expect the lights to turn on. It’s only when the power abruptly shuts down, calls about outages come pouring in.  For any utility, long power outages are their worst nightmare and as our electrical infrastructure continues to age it becomes more susceptible to blackouts.

Today, is the day this change with a new, revolutionary breakthrough from G&W Electric.  Utilities will now have more control and functionality available to them right on their sub-transmission lines which was not available in any one solution before today.

G&W Electric is proud to announce our latest innovation, the Viper-HV.

This. Changes. Everything.

♦ The world’s first high-voltage (72.5kV) pole top recloser that provides reliable overcurrent protection on sub-transmission lines without the use of a substation.

♦ Uniquely designed as a self-contained system featuring three-in-one capabilities of a recloser, CTs, and integrated internal voltage sensors.

♦ This revolutionary innovation will help limit the number of customers affected by outages through automation and isolation capabilities.

The wait is finally over. Learn more about the Viper-HV today.

Watch the Unveiling

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