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A large grey switch with buttons,

Medium Voltage Metal Clad Switchgear (IEC)

Our metal clad equipment consists of air insulated switchgears equipped with vacuum circuit breakers capable of offering loss of service continuity type “LSC2B-PM” and protection level IP42. The range offers several dimensions depending on the switchgear’s electrical characteristics.

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A long grey wall with switches and knobs.

Low Voltage Switchgear (IEC)

Arc-proof Motor Control Center and Power Center low voltage switchgears. The design of the product has been developed according to a “fault-free zone” concept, with internal partitions “form 4b” and internal protection level up to IP4X.


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Secondary Distribution Air Insulated Switchgear (IEC)

Air Insulated Medium Voltage Switchgear for Secondary Distribution are available with different function combinations in order to satisfy the most common electrical configurations of the typical substations. The series brings to the market a versatile switchgear to meet the application requirements for various installation requirements and market segments.

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